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Suggestion Winner & New Staff
 Zaptue •   about 1 month ago •  79


I got 2 announcements for ya!


First, please welcome our new staff to the server



Second, "Minigames to earn money & items." has won the event. We will be adding t hat in soon, since it is a huge thing. It might take 2-5 weeks to add.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the server!



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Rules & Information
 Zaptue •   about 1 month ago •  123

Getting Started :

[ 1 ] Do /kit starter to receive a pickaxe which you can use for mining

[ 2 ] Go to /lands wild to begin your adventure

[ 3 ] Gather wood

[ 4 ] Sell your blocks using the command /sellhand

[ 5 ] You can check your rankup progress doing /ranks

[ 6 ] When it hits have the money use /rankup to rankup

[ 7 ] Now you will be able to go to get extra perks!

[ 8 ] Continue this as much as you want

[ 9 ] Higher ranks = higher perks!




Creating A claim :

[ 1 ] Do /lands claim to create a plot

[ 2 ] Build whatever you want on your claim (except casino's or other scams)

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Vote For A Change On The Server!
 Zaptue •   about 1 month ago •  67



We've noticed that our player count has been low, so we did an event on our discord and whatever suggestion has the highest votes, we will implement it on our server! Here is the final suggestions!

Add G-Kits.

Minigames to earn money & items.

Bring back custom enchants.

To vote, reply to this conversation on what you would like.



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 Zavo •   about 1 month ago •  62

Welcome to our website! We hope you enjoy our server!


To get started go to Register and make a account!

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